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Dr. Frenk Smrekar

Dr. Barbara Hubad


JAFARAL is world’s leading CMO for production of bacteriophages, because it’s has more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing of phages, other biologics production, large scale production and knowing GMP guidelines.  Likewise, JAFRAL has all these years also been involved in plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins production at various levels. JAFRAL’s custom development and manufacturing services have helped developers across the globe to accelerate research and open up their laboratories for ground-breaking science and breakthrough discoveries.


Our mission is to manufacture biomolecules to the highest quality and develop economical process within agreed timelines by implementation of innovation. By delivering best in class products we want to make our manufacturing piece to the whole puzzle of drug being developed and helped saving patients’ lives.

Competitive advantage

  • Short delivery times
  • Precise timeline planning and milestone tracking
  • Project manager in direct contact with customer
  • Process update on regular basis through phone conference or face-to-face meetings
  • Overall cost saving


JAFRAL d.o.o.

JAFRAL is located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, which is a member of the European Union.

JAFRAL’s offices and laboratories are just off the main highway linking Ljubljana to the airport, which is just 25 minutes drive away.


  • Stegne 13A
  • SI-1000 Ljubljana
  • Slovenia – member of EU