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BIO International Convention, 2023 #JAFRAL will participate worlds largest biotech gathering in Boston, June 5-8, 2023. #BIO2023 If you want to know more about #GMP production [...]

Copenhagen, 2023 Our COO Barbara Hubad will be attending #ESCMID that is just starting in Copenhagen. If you want to talk about Phages or any Manufacturing [...]

5th Annual Bacteriophage Therapy Summit, 2023 We are glad to be this again back to Bacteriophage Therapy Summit and by sponsoring the summit, helping phage community [...]

Vector Development for Cell and Gene Therapy Summit, Boston 2022 JAFRAL is next week participating Vector Development for Cell and Gene Therapy Summit as a sponsor, [...]

Viruses of Microbes, Portugal, 2022 We are participating VoM 2022 in Portugal! Happy to be a sponsor of an another great phage conference! You can find [...]

Phage Futures Europe, Amsterdam, 2022 JAFRAL is happy to be back at Phage Futures, which will be held on 6-7th of July 2022 in Amsterdam as [...]

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