Contract Analytical Testing

In addition to performing analytical testing for in-house manufacturing processes, JAFRAL is also offering service of it’s analytical laboratory for various customers that are in the need for
fast, efficient and guideline driven analytical testing.
Our team of experts, complemented by our cutting-edge technology, supports our clients while upholding the highest standards of quality, technical analysis, and reporting.

Some of the methods that can be JAFRAL is performing for clients:

  • Plaque assay (PFU/mL),
  • Transforming units (TFU/mL),
  • Bacterial counts,
  • Endotoxin measurements,
  • Identity,
  • Measurements of A260/A280,
  • Protein measurements,
  • DNA measurements
  • HPLC/UPLC assays (SEC/RP/IEX)
  • Immunoassays (Western Blot, ELISA)
  • RT-PCR (Digital, and qPCR)
  • Etc.

However, if the method that you are interested in, is not listed, please contact us anyhow!