Recombinant Proteins

JAFRAL can provide complete gene to protein service with potential protein characterization. Beginning with sequence optimization and vector construction, through best clone selection through optimization of upstream and downstream process to deliver high quality and yield protein product.

Process activities:

  • Expression systems: bacteria, yeast, insects
  • Possible deliverables: cell lysate, cell paste, filtered culture, purified proteins
  • Upstream scale: erlenmeyer flasks, 1L, 15L, 50L, continuous
  • Downstream scale: downstream capabilities match the scale of fermentation. This means that one fermentation batch can be purified in a single run without the need for sub-lotting
  • Downstream options: IEX (Q, S), gel filtration, diafiltration, reverse-phase, HIC, affinity (Ni, Co, FLAG, Maltose, Protein A/G, Glutathione), tag removal and others


Recombinant Proteins JAFRAL_sheme02_ver01