JAFRAL can provide various amounts of high-quality plasmid DNA from 1 mg up to 100 g for research, preclinical and clinical studies.

In recent decades a wide range of applications for plasmid DNA has been shown, initially with their use in recombinant DNA technology followed by others in areas as diverse as diagnostic, DNA vaccination and gene therapy.

Process activities:

  • Possible deliverables: cell lysate, cell paste, filtered culture, purified DNA
  • Upstream scale: erlenmeyer flasks, 1L, 15L, 50L, , continuous
  • Downstream scale: downstream capabilities match the scale of fermentation. This means that one fermentation batch can be purified in a single run without the need for sub-lotting
  • Downstream options: IEX (Q, S), gel filtration, diafiltration, hydrophobic chromatography, affinity and others